Benchmarking Small Business Acts and Startup Acts

Identifying SBAs and Startup Acts in African countries, drawing recommendations from their design, incentives and implementation

The Benchmark Report

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Acceleration of entrepreneurship policies

A new wave of entrepreneurship policies has been gaining traction on the African continent. Startup Acts and Small Business Acts are leaving the policy factory at an increasing pace. Since the first African Startup Act passed in Tunisia in 2018, Senegal (2020), DRC and Nigeria (2022) followed suit. Five more Acts are in the process of being adopted (Côte d’Ivoire, Rwanda, Togo, Benin and Kenya). Processes are ongoing in several other countries, with ecosystem leaders, citizens and policymakers working together to co-create solutions to pertinent challenges.

Benchmarking policy instruments

This report identifies 21 African SBAs and Startup Acts, benchmarks them and identifies 16 other instruments for comparison (among which the Startup Acts of Italy, Spain, Israel, India, the Philippines and Argentina). To structure the benchmark we use seven well-researched and practical key challenge areas which African entrepreneurs might face. These key challenge areas are: finance, market access, support, governance, culture, infrastructure and human capital. Curious about the results? Download the report below!

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